Pricing and Sizes Available

We offer three storage options:

1. Indoor Household/RV/Boat Storage
2. Outdoor Parking
3. Mini Storage

Please see below for features, sizes and prices for each.

We can arrange monthly or yearly payment schedules. If you pay for a year in advance you’ll get one month free, (i.e. pay 11 months get 12th month free), and have the administration fee waived. Also, when new customers move-in there is a $35 administration fee but if you leave and then move back in, that fee is waived. 

We accept: Checks and Credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).

Credit card orders can be processed over the telephone (805) 235-3387 – or – online below.

To sign up online: Just click on the “YES” under “Rent Now” in the tables below. So easy!

Indoor Household/RV/Boat Storage Rates

Indoor Household/RV/Boat Storage – Sizes and Pricing

Short term storage not available – Minimum 4-6 months

Mini Storage Features and Rates

  • We offer Trachte buildings for their quality. Trachte are all- galvanized steel framework which permits flush wall framing on the interior.
  • Architecturally ribbed with Galvalume steel panels that are up to 35 time stronger than flat 16-gauge panels.
  • Weatherproof construction, baked on Kynar 500 PVDF resin-based architectural coating with 40-year finish.
  • More insulation and a thermal break between panels so no direct transmission of heat or cold into the building.
  • Insulated steel floor systems.
  • Customers store a variety of things from musical instruments, beautiful antiques and classic cars etc.
  • Paso Robles can get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, especially at night when it can be sometimes below freezing. Please be aware of weather when storing sensitive items and keeping them in perfect condition.
  • Specialized Locks are available by request.  There is a $35.00 deposit required – refundable at the time of move out.

Mini Storage – Sizes and Pricing

Short term storage not available – Minimum 4-6 months

Open Parking Areas F1 – Features and Rates

  • 200 spaces on site are over-sized
  • Driveways and parking stalls are wider than recommended. The standard is an 11 feet wide space. We offer 14 feet wide spaces.
  • Drive-through’s are 40 feet long and 70 feet long
  • Hard packed DG – Decomposed Granite provides excellent dust-free parking and is graded often, keeping it flat and smooth.
  • DG surface offers little to no puddles and mud when it rains
  • The class 2 base it is compacted to the fire department standards to allow them to get in with their fire vehicles and emergency vehicles under any conditions

Open Parking – Sizes and Pricing

Short term storage not available – Minimum 4-6 months


Potential renters of space will be asked to supply basic information necessary to conduct a business transaction when signing a rental agreement. Leases for the storage of motor vehicles, boats and other RV properties are required to be completed in the registered owner’s name, therefore, a copy of the appropriate registration or title documents will be necessary. Potential renters may reserve space and make payment arrangements at the site, however due to availability changing daily confirmations of space and payment set up must be completed by telephone. Additional information may also be obtained by e-mail correspondence. Safety is a very important issue at Ramada Storage. As a part of your lease terms, Renters are given a copy of Rules and Regulations for Ramada property.  Initials are required before move in is complete.  Payment of rent is due on the 1st of each month and late after 14 consecutive days.  Liens may be filed on abandoned property after 90 days of no response. Proper legal action will be taken and tenant may be liable for all fees, labor and daily storage fees. (up to $100 per day).