Ramada Storage Security

Ramada Storage has a comprehensive and complete SECURITY SYSTEM. Not only is there a gate access system which controls who can enter into the facility, there is an extensive security system protecting the property.

The perimeter of the property is fully wrapped with PHOTOELECTRIC beams. These seven beams turn on each night and activate the alarm system if they are broken by someone entering. The alarm system is monitored 24/7 by a UL listed central station.

In addition there are video cameras with infra-red lights situated around the facility to give the alarm company operators the ability to see activity. Video is also recorded for review at a later date. Some of the cameras are integrated into a system called CHECK VIDEO.

CHECK VIDEO uses analytics that allows the camera to be proactive and send video clips to a live operator when someone / something enters into their field. The CHECK VIDEO system turns on at night during the same time the PHOTOELECTRIC beams are activated.

Ramada Storage has gone over and beyond traditional security and is employing a layered approach which works together to secure this storage facility.

Rest assured, the security enhancements we offer our customers are protecting your sizable investment in your RV, Boat, Truck, Van or other vehicle. You want to keep your investment safe and secure, and so do we.

Ramada Storage Security at a Glance:

  • A Keypad controlled entry gate and exit system which controls who enters and leaves the facility while simultaneously recording and storing that information for future use if needed.
  • Each renter is given an individual code specific to them and them alone.
  • Completely enclosed by chain link security fencing.
  • 24 hour security surveillance video cameras with infra-red lights.
  • Photoelectric laser beam technology.
  • Check video analytics.
  • Increased lighting and sensor lighting along fenced areas.
  • Newly added additional fencing deterrents.